Reach your app users thanks to Mobile RTB :

Mobile Retargeting relies on « Real Time Bidding », also called RTB. Mobile RTB allows you to submit Bids on Mobile Ad-Exchanges in real time. High-precision targeting, personalized and automated messages are the key advantages of Mobile RTB.

Steps to build
a Mobile RTB campaign

"Abandoned shopping cart" Scenario
  • retargeting-mobile-step-1

    Etape 1 – EN

    Step 1

    Shopping Cart Abandonment

    App user adds a product to shopping cart then closes the app without finalizing purchase

  • Etape 2 – EN

    Step 2

    Real Time Bidding

    Submit bids exclusively on your app users and display customized ads

  • Etape 3 – EN

    Step 3

    Dynamic Display

    Display ads dynamically (banners, interstitials, native ads...) based on the relevant abandoned product

  • Etape 4 – EN

    Step 4

    Re-direct iOS and Android Users

    App User is either brought back to a deep-link inside the app or redirected to the relevant stone, in case of previous uninstall

  • Etape 5 – EN

    Step 5


    Track purchases thanks to market-leading solutions

  • Etape 6 – EN

    Step 6


    Cutting edge campaign optimizations thanks to big data algorithms

BackInApp Key Strengths

App Retargeting Segments:

Retarget your high-quality users with the right message, at the right time

Mobile Geotargeting

For instance: Show users relevant ads or videos in real time as they pass by a restaurant