All you need to know to set up a Winning Retargeting Campaign 100 % Mobile App

For Digital Marketers, it is beyond question that Retargeting can Boost your Conversion Rate. How to adapt Retargeting to your App in order to increase your Mobile ROI ? What are the differents scenarios available ? Discover all our tips by downloading our App Retargeting White Paper !

We will discuss specific issues related to :

  • Mobile Retargeting Basics

    Market Key Figures, Mobile RTB, Wide Array of Formats, expert targeting, bespoke messages…

  • BackInApp, the ultimate APP Retargeting Solution

    Overview, advantages, specificities…

  • Plug & Play scenarios to Drive Mobile APP engagement

    Wake Dormant APP User after X days, recover Abandoned Carts…

  • Retargeting Case Studies

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