Having users download your app is just the first step...

The next step is getting them back into the app and converting them into Regular Users!

The strength of BACKINAPP lies in retargeting your app users. It allows you to truly increase your engagement and Mobile conversion rates.

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Plug & Play Scenarios

Mobile users carrying your APP

Mobile users download 50 apps on average but only use a quarter of them.

CHALLENGE: Re-engage Inactive Users!

Encourage your users to come back to your app
Increase their Life Time Value
Turn them into loyal users

Recent Dormant Users

Only 25%of installs turn into active users.

CHALLENGE: Reactivate the remaining 75%!

Wake your dormant users after X days
Identify churned users
Automate your follow-ups

Specific behaviors

Cost per action via App Retargeting with existing users is much lower than with newly acquired users.

CHALLENGE : Optimize your ROI!

Leverage your existing users base to maximize revenues
Segment your existing user base depending on their actions
Deliver highly personalized messages to them

Mobile users who abandoned their cart

The average abandonment rate for online shopping carts is 68%

CHALLENGE: Recover Abandoned Checkout!

Target your hot prospects by reminding them about their abandoned baskets
Improve your conversion rates
2 to 3 times higher Click-Through-Rate than a classic mobile ad
4 to 8 times stronger ROI


Mobile users navigate differently in an app according to their needs or affinities.

CHALLENGE: Redirect users towards the right place inside the app.

Retarget potential customers based on their actions and past behaviors
Bring users back to a specific landing page via a deep-link
Boost your product conversion rates
Many scenarios are possible such as cross-device scenarios.
Objective: deliver the right message at the right time on the right device to re-engage your users and to
increase your conversion rate.

BackInApp Key Strengths

  • Nous avons réalisé avec BackInApp une campagne d’App Retargeting dans le but de réactiver nos porteurs d’applications mobiles inactifs depuis plus de 15 jours. BackInApp nous a aidé à faire revenir nos mobinautes à un coût de réactivation 3 à 4 fois inférieur au coût d’acquisition. Nous avons également constaté des taux de clics sur les publicités d’App Retargeting, 4 fois plus élevés que pour une publicité mobile classique !

    Directeur Marketing Digital  
    Le Parisien

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